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Welcome to the Alz MidSouth Wellness

People visit our website to achieve their ultimate goal, and live a life of healthy living. It is, therefore, our mission as well, and we will guide you in that journey. You can browse our website for information, or you can contact us directly.

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Alternative Treatments For Epilepsy Today

There are quite a few different alternative treatments for epilepsy that help the patient recover from their seizures or stop their seizures. Someone who is afraid of their seizures will notice they are having them less often, or they may use these treatments as prescribed by a doctor or someone who works in holistic health. This article explains how someone may change their life with a new treatment for their epileptic symptoms.

#1: The Treatments Are Natural

There are many natural treatments that may be used by the patient, and they will find they are supplements that may be purchased over the counter. The natural supplements that are used will be much easier on the body, and the supplements will help the body ensure it may recover. The supplements will ensure the brain does not respond as it would, and there are many different people who wish to use the supplements because their seizures are getting better.

#2: The Supplements May Be Combined

Someone who is taking supplements may choose to combine them at the direction of a doctor, and they will find it quite simple to change their dosages as they are treating their illness. The illness that is treated may be treated with a number of supplements, and there are many that work together quite well. The dosages may change quite a lot until the epileptic is having less seizures, and they may stay on the dosages they have found. A doctor may ask the patient if they feel different because of the supplements they are taking, and the alternatives may change until the patient sees results.

#3: Using Supplements Every Day

Supplements may be used every day as part of a schedule the patient keeps, and they will notice their routine improves their condition overall. Someone who is taking supplements for the first time must wait several days to see a difference, and they will begin to notice their symptoms changing. They must report back to their doctor often, and they will learn quickly which supplements work best for them.

#4: Balancing Diet And Exercise

Diet and exercise is quite helpful for all those who wish to get on a supplement program, and they may pair a better diet with exercise that makes their supplements more effective. The program may be created by a doctor, nutritionist or someone in holistic medicine, and they will track results until they are satisfied with the progress they see.

Anyone who is suffering from epilepsy must be given as many opportunities as possible to ensure they are recovering well. They will notice their body does not respond to the disease as it once did, and they will feel a difference in their bodies during the day. Each epileptic may take a number of supplements that will improve their seizures, and they will begin to feel much better about managing their symptoms. If you are really out of ideas and find that nothing works, you can look into using CBD drops to treat epilepsy. Although still in experimental stages, there has been a lot of research coming out that strongly suggests that CBD drops can be very effective at treating epilepsy in certain cases.

The advantages of fitness watches

The advantages of fitness watches

These days it seems that people everywhere are looking for ways that they can stay in shape. And one of the biggest products that have hit the market and made an impact is that of fitness watches. Many people will be wondering if there really are any advantages to these or are they just for show and don’t offer any real value to the whole experience. The truth of the matter is that they do in fact actually provide some serious value to a person’s fitness goals and even helps them with their workout goals. These goals are what motivate a person to workout.

The first and most obvious advantage is personal satisfaction. Let’s be real if you see the number of steps that you walked yesterday, then you will naturally want to make it a point that you walk more the next day or that you exceed your personal running pace just a little more. This is a way for you to keep a personal goal in mind and allow you the chance to exceed what has always been just barely good enough.

Again these give you a way for you to set goals that you want and need to meet, you are not stuck having to inherit someone else’s goals that really don’t matter to you. If you have not even taken a walk around the block in years, you can take and set a goal with one of the predetermined goals for you to eventually become a runner of a 5K marathon. This may sound like a stretch, but it is possible and you can set the goal that is personal to you and you alone.

Many of the models out on the market can be used to help you keep track of important stats like your blood pressure. This is important especially if you suffer from hypertension as this needs to be kept on a regular monitor. Simply having the watch on your wrist may be all you need to help you not wind up in a bad way with your blood pressure. This is one of the most helpful advantages to having a fitness tracker.

There is the money factor. If you are going to go out and buy an item that is a couple of hundred dollars, chances are that it will not sit around in your drawer. You will be inclined to go out and buy this and use it so that you do not feel that you wasted your money. It just makes good sense to have a fitness tracker as these can be a lot more use to you than just telling you the time and whatever. These have a value that in all regards cannot be measured.

Why You Need a Vitamin Supplement

People maintain a healthy diet, which includes fruits and vegetables, low-dairy products, and etc. Nowadays, we take vitamin supplements for several reasons, and most of them point to our health. The following are just some of the advantages of taking vitamin supplements.

Tackle General Diet Insufficiencies

Are you strictly on a vegan diet or suffering from a diseases that needs you to take certain dietary restrictions, taking vitamin supplements to be able to give essential nutrients to your diet. It’s also appropriate for people who have anorexia, bulimia or who are just selective about what they eat. Nevertheless, everyone knows it is important for you to get as much nutrition from your meals. If you take vitamin supplements, you can make up for certain nutrient insufficiencies. But, vitamins can’t give the amount of calories needed a person would need to keep basic functioning, and will never replace real food.

Special Formula for Certain Need

Nowadays, vitamin supplements are formulated to provide special needs, other than making a meal healthier. There are supplements that are supposedly made to encourage hair growth; alleviate joint stiffness, suffering and swelling resulting from arthritis; relieve signs of depression, and even prepare a female’s body for pregnancy. There are several brands of multivitamins for every age, men, and women. Taking a vitamin supplement every day with a nutritional diet is an affordable way to be healthy.

Stress Antidote

Vitamin supplements are commonly known to be a remedy for stress. Although, feeling under huge pressure doesn’t always result in insufficiency in Vitamin D, therefore taking a vitamin supplement doesn’t surely make it go away in a snap. If you’re tired, a pill won’t make your tiredness go away either.

Other Advantages

  • Pregnant women are advised by doctors to take vitamin supplements to keep both the mother and the baby healthy.
  • People who rarely go out under the sun take Vitamin D.
  • Children regularly take vitamin supplements to help them grow strong and healthy.

Although there are also some disadvantages to vitamin supplements. First of all, you can still get overdosed. So if you’re planning to take them, you have to be careful how much you take. Vitamin supplements can also trigger health conditions or even make an existing one worse. You’ll have to consult your doctor first if you’re planning to take vitamin supplements.

Fish Oil Supplements For Optimal Health Condition

There are so benefits as to why fish oil supplements are important for your optimal health. Fish oil contains both DHA and EPA, which contributes to the benefits of fish oil supplements. Here are some scientifically proven advantages of taking fish oil supplements.

  1. Minimize Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

According to a study conducted by the University of Bristol, fish oil supplements can considerably lessen the signs and symptoms of Osteoarthritis.

  1. Lessen the Signs of Aging

Increasing evidence shows that telomere shortening, which happens at the end of your chromosomes can be an indication of aging. A study conducted in 2010 discovered a relation between blood levels of fish oil and the speed of it over 5 years. It explains the protective effects of Omega-3 fatty acids.

  1. Enhance the Effects of Exercising

A research done by the University of South Australia showed a powerful combination of exercise and fish-oil supplements.

  1. Lessen the Symptoms of ADHD

The combination of fish oil + evening primrose oil capsules has found to lessen the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Common symptoms of ADHD include lack of attention, hyperactivity, uneasiness, and impulsive behavior.

  1. Kill Various Cancers

Researchers have found that fish oil can help different types of cancers, which includes colon, prostate, and breast.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Since fish oil avoids hippocampus cells from dying, it lessens the chance of diabetics from growing the cognitive deficit. Added to that, fish oil has the capacity to help reverse one main cause of Type II Diabetes, oxidative stress.

  1. Reverse Eye Disorders

French researchers discovered fish oil can reverse dry eye, age-associated eye disorders such as cataracts. Since fish oil supplements have high levels of EPA and DHA, people who are at risk of getting neovascular AMD are advised to take them.

  1. Protection from the Harmful Effects of Air Pollution

It is indeed surprising to know that fish oil can protect your heart from the effects of air pollution. A study conducted in 2012 involved 29 healthy middle-aged adults. Each one of them either took 3g of fish oil or placebo daily for 4 weeks. After which, they were exposed to polluted air for 2 hours. Researchers discovered that people who took the fish oil didn’t have the negative responses as those candidates who only took the placebo.

  1. Improve Your Bone Health

Taking Calcium, Vitamin D, and Magnesium shouldn’t be just the supplements you should take. Researchers discovered that the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA found in fish oil supplements for optimum bone health.

  1. Conserves Lean Muscles in Cancer Patients

Adding fish oil supplements to your diet might avoid the muscle loss which is one of the side effects of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

  1. Enhance Cardiovascular Health

The 2 Omega-3 fatty acids, Eicosapentaenoic acid, and docosahexaenoic acid helps in lowering cholesterol and BP levels. Added to that, EPA and DHA also lessen the triglycerides, which can result in an abnormal heartbeat and heightened risks of heart attack and stroke.