Considering Plastic Surgery? Everything you need to Know

Considering Plastic Surgery? Everything you need to Know

Plastic surgeons are licensed medical doctors that have specialized in areas such as body contouring, tissue transfer, and laser surgery. They perform operations that can change the appearance or shape of part of a person’s body. These professionals not only execute cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts or nose jobs but also carry out reconstructive surgeries to patients who have sustained injuries from car accidents or any other form of accident. They also perform these surgeries to individuals who are born with birth defects.

What Plastic Surgeons do

Plastic surgery is much more than cosmetic surgery. While cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is a more visible and more glamorous feature of plastic surgery, it’s a very small part of this specialty. A plastic surgery Austin clinic cannot only help enhance your looks but also restore your appearance. These professionals can work on any area of the body. However, some plastic surgeons specialize in specific parts of the body like the head, neck, or hands.

Difference Between Plastic Surgeons and Other Professionals

Plastic surgeons don’t focus on diseases such as cancer doctors do. They also don’t focus on specific parts of the human body like heart surgeons. Instead, they can work on all parts of the body and on all types of diseases. However, sometimes they may be required to work with other physicians. Plastic surgeons have special skills such as how to create a skin graft or design a flap graft. They also know how to transfer tissues from one part to another, manage wounds, and also use implantable materials like metal or plastic.

Apart from administering cosmetic procedures, plastic surgeons can also treat bones of the face including the skull, repair cleft palates or cleft lips, reattach severed limbs, fingers, or toes, and also treat congenital problems. Some types of plastic surgery are delicate, for instance, the microvascular type of plastic surgery requires the use of a microscope and minute sutures that are finer than the human hair.

Other Services Offered by Plastic Surgeons

Breast augmentation

Also referred to as breast implant surgery, this is one of the services that plastic surgeons offer and is the most requested service by women. Plastic surgeons offer different options that help meet the specific desires and needs of the patients. Most professionals use saline and silicone gel implants that are designed to look and feel like a natural breast.

Breast Lift

Plastic surgeons can help you achieve perkier, uplifted breasts. This surgery removes excess skin and also tightens surrounding tissues which raise the breast to the desired location. Through this surgery, a plastic surgeon can help reduce enlarged areolas.


This is a sculpting procedure that helps eliminate excess body fat around areas such as the thighs, hips, abdomen, neck, and chin regions of the body.


Plastic surgeons can also help make your skin smoother again by treating wrinkles and existing lines on your face. Some of the common injectables include hyaluronic injectables, botulism injections which are a combination of Botox and Dysport, and lip and skin rejuvenation augmentations.

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